Music can open our hearts and help us feel more connected to others, to ourselves, and to the world around us. South Carolina’s David Higgins knew he wanted to help and connect with other people in his life, an urge that drove him to enroll in medical school. While studying biology, Higgins cut his teeth playing well-loved covers in bars in SC, pulling his musical inspiration from some of his personal favorites such as The Killers, David Gray, and Muse. After graduating, Charleston, SC became his new home where he planned to attend medical school but a life in music became impossible to abandon. Captivating an audience always came easy, and as his touring base grew, so did Higgins’ desire to connect with his listeners through his own original music. 
David Higgins writes about intimately relatable coupling themes of life, love and loss. His debut single “Say It Out Loud” is a piano-driven, finger-snapping, upbeat anthem about finding one’s own voice in a relationship. “‘Say It Out Loud’ is about wanting to be honest in a relationship but still wanting to play your cards right, and not be too forthright”, says Higgins. With two more singles planned for release in 2020, Higgins’ musical career began as a love for performance art but has morphed into a love for connecting to friends and fans through music, and creating special moments for his audience and himself. 
With a plan to continually release new music throughout the year, fans can look forward to hearing much more in 2020. His songs were written slowly, deliberately, purposefully and Higgins says “for the first time I’m truly proud of everything I’m releasing”. As for his future, Higgins looks forward to reconnecting with his audience, playing more live shows and to, hopefully, touring internationally. Determined to continue his creative process through the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic, Higgins is using his creative platform and the internet to raise funds for healthcare professionals via live social media performances.